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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is

So there I was, Googling French chansons from the 1940s (as you do). I found some of the old Django Reinhardt recordings with Jean Sablon (I wonder whether they thought of them that way round at the time, or as Jean Sablon recordings with Django?) You know, like this one:

And then I found this, which really took me back.

You may think it sounds familiar: well, that's because the redoubtable Flanagan and Allen had a hit with an English version.

Why does that song strike such a gong in my memory? Those of you who have been around this blog from the beginning may remember this piece, which I wrote as part of a game of "Blogging Consequences" organised by Mike of Troubled Diva. Now there's a blog I haven't visited for far too long - hi Mike (waves). My two contributions to that game may be found right at the bottom of the EKN blogroll, over on the right.

The system may have let me down, but my memory didn't: listening to Flanagan and Allen, I was still word-perfect.


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