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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Personally I think we should be concentrating our efforts on people who look like Americans

Terrorism in Georgia.

Terrorism in Ohio

Terrorism in Alaska

And more on the way.

Meanwhile, there are calls for the USA's airport screeners not to bother about possible terrorists unless they look like Muslims.

Makes you feel safe, doesn't it?


At 13 September, 2012 15:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Following the domestic terror story, "The three-year trend amounts to an "astounding" 755% growth", what does that mean, up from two people to 150? What percentage of the population is that?
And applying the percentages given in the Forbes story on profiling, it means the TSA is trying to find a terrorist is 1 in 63 million fliers. I ask how many hours are lost due to TSA - my experience is at least an hour per person, counting how early we have to now get to an airport to anticipate lines, pat downs, etc. So that would be 630 million hours a year lost to find one in 63 million? I still don't see much of a benefit, unless there are a lot more people pulled aside with bombs or weapons that are actual threats avoided due to TSA. Have not seen figures on those, so I figure it's not worth it at all. Let me fly.


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