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Saturday, September 22, 2012

No wrecks and nobody drownded

You remember the "Ground Zero Mosque", I'm sure: it gave rise to all kinds of protest. Well, actually only one kind: swivel-eyed bitter-clingers who either believed or pretended to believe that there was indeed a plan to build a mosque at "Ground Zero" (as they liked to call the site of the World Trade Center), screaming that this was un-American (as though what they were doing was the quintessence of "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

Here is a clip from HBO's "The Newsroom", in which a fictionalised Pamela Geller clone gets the ass-whipping that sadly nobody in the fact-averse US media dared to dish out to the real one. (In Britain we are less kind to American loons.)

Anyway, you remember all that because it got huge media coverage. But I bet you didn't notice something that happened a year ago yesterday: the Park51 Islamic Center (formerly known as the Cordoba Center, aka the "Ground Zero Mosque") opened. Not with the beautiful planned building but in a renovated exising one. Still, there it is, a fact on the ground: an Islamic cultural centre only a couple of blocks from the building site where a new WTC is going up. You would think that the media would have been all over this story of Islamic triumphalism, of disrespect for the victims of 9/11, of..., of...,...of people getting on with their lives like other New Yorkers. But they weren't, and the reason is easy to see. Nothing happened. there were no hugely amplified calls to prayer. There were no queues round the block of bearded men in skullcaps prostrating themselves towards Mecca. No women in Western dress were being called whores by disrespectful Muslim males. No morality police were confiscating bottles of Scotch from the local drunks. Instead, there was a photography exhibition.

The centre has now been open for a whole year without incident: it hasn't even attracted enough attention for Pat Condell to insult it in one of his pathetic videos. Imagine: Muslim Americans getting on with their fully-assimilated lives peacefully, without disturbing anyone else. Americans can't be allowed to find out about that.


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