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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Woman, No Anti-Matter

From all the fuss about the Jesus's Wife papyrus you'd think that Baigent and Leigh (despite their not-very-heavily-disguised namecheck in The Da Vinci Code as "Leigh Teabing") had never published The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail all those years ago. You can pick holes in it without too much trouble, but the evidence for Jesus' being married is pretty thoroughly aired in it, and from what I can gather the recent discovery doesn't really add anything new.

Personally I'd love it to be true. It's one of those ideas I'd like to believe in spite of any counter-evidence, like John Wheeler's one-electron universe (which I'd love to think might be saved by some quirk of dark matter straightening out the matter/antimatter imbalance).

Of course, if it were true it would provide at least the start of a riposte to Kingsley Amis, whose New Approach Needed appealed to my teenage iconoclasm when I first read it in about 1970. At that point I knew Amis only from Lucky Jim, and had no idea of the cantankerous and none-too-likeable character behind the fiction (Peter Mannion in The Thick Of It always seems to me to be modelled on KA). But New Approach Needed for the first time led me to understand why Amis was classed as one of the Angry Young Men.


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