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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, and.....nah, just lies

Sometimes I almost long for the more innocent lies of Uncle Jimmy, who unfailingly caught the wrong end of any passing stick but who was not, on the whole, reduced to total invention because he'd run out of the merely unintelligent.

Not so with Bonni the Holocaust denier at BareNakedIslam. A quick look shows us this post (OMG! Obama Regime considering release of the Blind Sheikh, convicted terrorist and mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attack), which doesn't even pretend to be based on any kind of fact. It comes from a nameless "source close to the Obama Administration", and even Bonni has to admit that the Dept of Justice has made plain that it's total bilge. However, Bonni tells us, Rahman "could be considered for transfer as the Lockerbee bomber was transferred back to Libya". Because the Dept of Justice is really likely to change its mind based on a decision by the Scottish government which the Obama government strongly opposed at the time. And the talking head who gave his opinion so freely that this tissue of lies was very plausible? Not just a "former federal prosecutor" (who retired in 2003) but a torture-supporting Rudy Giuliani staffer, with a history of accusing the President of supporting terrorism. Hmm, I'm sure we're all hanging on every syllable of his opinion.  Bonni's commenters, of course, lap it all up, and add their own calls for President Obama to be overthrown by force, imprisoned, murdered... One of them reckons he can't be got rid of by means of an election because of his "built-in illiterate unwashed base" of Jews, women and unions. Spoken like a true lover of democracy..... still, at least "Silverlady" doesn't pretend to be anything but a women-hating, antisemitic neofascist.

Or how about this one? (Somehow words escape me), in which we see a picture entitled "Muslim Youths in Nigeria Crucify a Cat on the Cross to Protest Anti-Islam Film". It's clearly not only words which escape Bonni, but any sense of shame or honesty. The picture, disturbing though it is, dates from 2011 and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with the recent fuss over the American-produced hate film. Oh, and it's from Ghana, not Nigeria. Here is the original report from a blog devoted to cat protection. If you read through the whole report you will see that it's by no means certain that it was Ghanaian Muslims rather than Christians who carried out the attack, as Catholics in Europe have a long tradition of torturing cats to death (and in some places still celebrate it in festivals). Moreover, in the same post, we read of a cat nailed to a telephone pole and left to die in Illinois. I suppose Bonni, animal lover that she supposedly is, would like us to blame that on Nigerian Muslims too.

Bonni's commenters are not all as stupid as she is, and some of them pointed out that the picture did not show what she said it did. One called "FoxMuldar" commented thus:

Hi BNI, I also posted that photo on my blog. However a Muslim lover informed me that the photo was actually taken back in 2011. (Link included to the blog post I link above.) But no matter when it was taken, its still a sick and evil thing to do to any animal.

Bonni's response? "fox, ban him." Hell, we can't have people going round exposing our Islamophobic lies, can we?