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Saturday, September 08, 2012

I thought Canada was supposed to be where you went when you wanted relative political sanity?

All busy watching the American presidential campaign, we took our eye off the ball. Up in Canada, Stephen Harper appears to have lost what little sense he had to begin with.

"Baird said the Iranian regime’s support of Syrian president Bashar Assad, Iran’s refusal to comply with the UN’s resolutions on its nuclear program and its regular threats to Israel make it “among the world’s worst violators of human rights.” Hmm, nearly as bad as Israel which actually has nuclear weapons and unlike Iran has never permitted any inspections whatsoever (though it did try to sell some to south Africa back when it was an apartheid state). Hmm, I don't see Canada closing its embassy in Israel though, despite the fact that it's Israel which is threatening to attack Iran rather than vice versa (having run out of immediate neighbours to invade, and having already carried out a sneak attack on civilians in Baghdad). Harper must be hoping that if he sucks up to Netanyahu and says all the things he's told to, maybe Canadians won't be targeted next time Benny wants a bit more Lebensraum. Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, the rest of us add another country's government to the list of spineless cowards.


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