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Monday, September 10, 2012

Go ahead and serve.....

Blogging tonight is definitely intermittent: every few minutes I have to check the BBC Sport live feed from New York to see whether Andy Murray has taken the second set in the US Open final. Argh...

For the uninitiated, Andy Murray is in his second US Open final and is hoping to win hos first Grand Slam title. He lost to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final this year (first Brit to reach the final in I-forget-how-many-years), then won the Olympic gold by utterly annihilating not only Federer in the final but Djokovic (his opponent tonight) in the semi. All-time record against Djokovic 8-6 to Djokovic, but this year it's been 2-2.

First set was 87 minutes long (ending with a 12-10 tie break in Murray's favour). When I started this post Andy Murray was 5-2 up in the second, but Djokovic has got off his arse and is now 5-4 up with Djokovic serving next.

The conjunction of this match and the impending anniversary of another (mostly) New York event reminded me of this old cartoon from Playboy. And if you wonder why I was reading Playboy when I was only seven years old, I read it a little later via my older brother who was a respectable fifteen when this was published.

"Go ahead and putt, it'll be a few minutes before the shock wave reaches us."

(Jack Davis (b.1926), published September 1962, Playboy)

And while I posted that, Andy Murray took the second set 7-5 (phew!)


At 11 September, 2012 14:11, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

And Andy won! After five hours of play, wow


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