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Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Bicycles to Naval Aviation - a Musical Odyssey

An amazing clip here of Frank Zappa, aged 23, appearing on The Steve Allen Show - playing bicycle. Frank leaves the humour mainly to Allen, with few traces of the soon-to-be-trademark acerbic wit, but already we have the mix of serious artistic intent and general zaniness for which the Mothers would become famous. And I don't suppose Steve Allen's house band often got to play avant-garde aleatory stuff, certainly not on air. A classic which I'd never even heard of before.

And here are a couple of extras mentioned by Frank. First, that new record How's Your Bird?

And then the theme tune from The World's Greatest Sinner:

And here is a clip of Timothy Carey in the film:

A few years later, and FZ was getting Pierre Boulez to conduct his music. No bicycles here though.


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