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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fat fascist gets the finger from the free world

Woo-hoo! Even the Israelis reckon Netanyahu is losing the plot when he starts sounding off against President Obama and near-as-dammit endorsing Romney as his preferred replacement. Not surprisingly, Americans are even more incandescent at Nothingyahoo's blatant attempt to get another country to fight Israel's illegal war for it.

So it's not only because of the collective rise it induced in American wingnuts' blood pressure that Obama's decision not to drop everything and dance at Bibi's beck and call when the fat fraud waddles into New York this week is cause for delight. Netanyahu should count himself lucky the USA let him in at all.

Of course, my headline might just as well have referred to the good news from closer to home, where the Dutch electorate ripped Geert Wilders' fascist party a whole new asshole in the recent election.


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