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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everyone could have slept after all

I've just got round to uploading my pictures from our recent holiday in Verona, so I expect you'll be seeing more of them soon. Meanwhile, here's an ad for a Verona Opera production. I should explain that all the ads this year feature famous lines from the relevant opera, so the one for Aida had "Celeste Aida" and the one for Carmen had "Si je t'aime, prend garde a toi". All fair enough, but I did think this one for Turandot should have been headed up "CONTAINS SPOILERS". I mean, after all that Nessun Dorma-ing, with everyone trying to find out Calaf's name so he can be executed, then he goes and tells it to her, so she announces that she knows his name and...

I'm sure it was a fantastic production and if we'd still been there when it was on we would definitely have gone. The poster still amused me though.


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