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Thursday, September 06, 2012

A world outside of Yonkers

A great song from a great musical. There seem to be no video clips available of the classic film version (Michael Crawford, Barbra Streisand) so you'll have to put up with a montage of stills. It's still the best version by a long way.

Usually when singers are interpreting songs (non-classical ones at least) they make little adjustments to pitch and rhythm, or add tiny grace notes, to give expression. It's usually quite unconscious, and gives rise to singers' individual styles. There is a wonderful example of that here, in Streisand's very first verse: on the line "Strut down the street and have your picture took" she doesn't just sing two even quavers on "picture", rather she lobs the first syllable up like a shuttlecock ("pic-" )and lets it float down until it hits "-ture". Magic, sheer magic. And there are half a dozen other little tweaks just in that verse, most of which you'd never notice unless you actively listened for them. See, this is why you're getting this version.

Still, now it's time to put on my Friday clothes and nip to the shops.....


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