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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Manhattan Transfer: Edinburgh Festival Theatre 22 July 2012

Hard on the heels of H2G2 came the Manhattan Transfer, a group of whose work I have bee a fan for many years though I'd never seen them live. This concert was part of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and was well worth the wait.

My only complaint about the show is that it was quite short: no support, just two sets of the MT, around 40 minutes each. But I suspect however long they'd sung for it would have seemed too short.

Manhattan Transfer are Janis Siegel, Tim Hauser, Alan Paul and Cheryl Bentyne, accompanied by a three-piece band (keyboards/bass/drums) whose names I sadly didn't catch. They were, however, a very tight little band indeed.

The setlist took in items from throughout the band's career (now into its fifth decade). Beginning with a cover of the Ink Spots' That Cat Is High, they gave us (not in order):

Sing You Sinners
On A Little Street In Singapore
Route 66
Jeeper Creepers
Java Jive
The Sidewinder
Soul Food To Go
Spain (the Chick Corea number)
No More Blues
Trickle Trickle

before ending with Birdland which predictably raised the roof.

Though if we thought that had energised the audience, when they came back to do Operator we found out they'd only been warming up.

A fantastic evening. Hope they come back soon.


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