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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sometimes Bonni just buys in fake news from the real professional haters

One story Bonni carries concerns a report originally from Raymond Ibrahim, one of David Horowitz's professional hatemongers. In it, he alleges that Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi has ordered the crucifixions of Christians and political opponents. While the report alleges that the story has been reported in Arabic media, funnily enough its appearances in English all originate with Mr Ibrahim and appear on far-right websites. He tells us that Sky News had the story but quickly took it down. "While one may argue that Sky News removed the article because it was found false, one can equally argue that it censored itself for fear that it would be next in the terror campaign against the media." And one may equally argue that matters of truth, falsity or indeed credibility matter not a jot when you're in the business of peddling hatred.

The Daily Mail has the story from Raymond Ibrahim, and it speaks volumes for the comparative maturity of even Daily Mail readers when compared with Bonni's drones that the first half dozen comments read:

I live in Egypt and nobody has been crucified and although we have a lot of problems with the new regime, there isnt any blood on the street. The part about them trying to impose bans on freedom of speech is true but after the revolution with the barrier of fear broken, it will not be an easy task for them. - May, Cairo, Egypt, 19/8/2012 02:07

Where's the actual proof? There should be photos and video clips going round the Internet, I haven't seen any. - Dave, Torquay, Devon, 19/8/2012 00:08

appalling - has this been confirmed though? I've just spent about 10 minutes trying to find any reference in the broadsheet news - nothing. Is this definite or an allegation? - chimneysweep, london, 18/8/2012 23:58

Of there are real concerns about freedom of speech under this new regime but this story is utter rubbish. And you even got the photo wrong! Morsi is actually 60, bespectacled and fat. - turtle, Kent, UK, 18/8/2012 23:34

(He's right about that, as a quick Google shows. LOL.)

(At BNI not only does everyone swallow the probably fake story but the very first comment begins "Why are we waiting to remove Barack Hussain Obama from office? " Leaving aside the answer that assassination of one's President is generally a bad career move, one has to ask "and this would stop crucifixions in Egypt how exactly?")


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