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Thursday, August 23, 2012

OK, take it away Olivier....

We don't (obviously) have any recordings of J S Bach improvising at the organ, but supposedly it was worth hearing.

Next best thing? Here is Olivier Messaien, reckoned by most people to be the greatest composer for the organ since JSB, improvising at the Church of the Sainte-Trinité in Paris.

I liked the comment on Youtube from "guillaumedeslandres":

Baptisé à La Trinité en 1957, j'ai tous les dimanches de mon enfance entendu Olivier Messiaen improviser à la messe dominicale. A la fin de la messe, tout le monde sortait pour aller à la pâtisserie (!), mais mon père nous interdisait de nous lever tant que le Maître n'avait pas fini de jouer. La musique d'Olivier Messiaen est ainsi devenu comme une "seconde langue maternelle "pour moi. C'est magnifique de le voir ici improviser...

(Baptised at Holy Trinity in 1957, I heard Olivier Messaien improvise every Sunday at mass when I was a child. At the end of the service, everyone got up to go for coffee and cakes (!) but my father made us keep our seats until the master had finished playing. In this way the music of Olivier Messaien became a kind of second language for me. It's great to see him improvise.....)


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