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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Normal lies and whining have been resumed

Genocidal hate site Bare Naked Islam seems to be back up now that Bonni the Holocaust denier has found a new mug prepared to host it despite her regular incitements to violence. No doubt in the same way that she did when Wordpress banned her vile site she will have taken the opportunity to edit the past and remove the posts and comments that show up her lies and ignorance most embarrassingly.

The current bunch of posts cover pretty much all the kinds of hatred she peddles. We have hatred for homosexuals. We have sexism, especially regarding women athletes. We have a hate video from Pat Condell accusing Guardian readers of antisemitism. We have a joyful report on the destruction by arson of an American mosque. Celebration of anti-religious perescution in China (funny, I don't remember the American Right being so keen on it when it was Christians being imprisoned). A call for the USA to imprison peaceful protestors.

Of course, there is always at least one post where Bonni tells lies which are at variance with the content of her links. Take this one. Headlined "CANADA: Muslim cab drivers refuse to pick up passengers with dogs…..even guide dogs. Even though it’s illegal in Canada for cabbies to refuse people with dogs, these Muslim savages simply flout the law, believing that ‘mad-made’ laws don’t apply to them. So, why aren’t they getting fired for it?", the post itself consist of a link to a Michael Coren interview with Sue-Ann Levy in which she moans that a cab driver wouldn't take her dog and left her stranded at Pearson Airport at 1.30 am. Leaving aside the fact that she was presumably only "stranded" until she could waddle along to the next taxi in the rank, if we read Ms Levy's own article on the incident, it becomes clear that cabbies are perfectly entitled under Canadian law to refuse to transport dogs unless they are service dogs (a pet dachshund in a travel kennel doesn't count), and that they ARE obliged to transport service dogs, and do so (whether they like it or not). Not only are these drivers not breaking the law, they aren't even in breach of the airport regulations. But I suppose the headline "White Jewish woman whines that she doesn't get special treatment for travelling with her caged animal" wouldn't suit Bonni's insistence that everything wrong in society is caused by Muslims.

Or how about this one? Headlined "UK encourages polygamy by giving Muslim parasites even more welfare benefits for their harems of multiple wives", the story actually goes on to point out that Britain's benefit laws are being changed precisely to avoid the de facto recognition of polygamy that they currently provide. Duh!

There's always one to laugh at, though. Take the heading: "The rabidly anti-semitic terrorist sympathizers of radical Islamist-owned Press TV are whining about being blocked from user-access in Starbucks." See that phrase "The rabidly anti-semitic terrorist sympathizers of radical Islamist-owned Press TV"? That's Bonni-the-Nazi-speak for what the rest of us call "customers". Isn't America supposed to be about serving them?

Actually, there's this too. At first I thought the funniest thing was the stream of comments (Example from "Tom": By appearing in every photo, she was confirming how: imposing, demanding attention, ill mannered, arrogant, sinister they truly are. She, and her kind, will always be held in very low esteem. They just don’t get it !!! They lack the skill sets, and behavior patterns to achieve much of anything. Actually, Tom, she was there because it's her JOB. Remember what a job is?) Or maybe Bonni's assumption that a security guard with a beard must be a "Muslim". But actually the funniest thing is that the pictures she chooses show a British MUSLIM gold medallist and an Ethiopian MUSLIM bronze medallist in the men's 10,000 metres. So what her pictures have in common is Muslim athletes winning medals. LOL.


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