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Thursday, August 16, 2012

If Nevada ever wants an alternative to lethal injection, this method of killing surely has the Vegas touch

I'm currently reading Heaven On Earth: A Journey Through Sharia Law by Sadakat Kadri, whom I will be seeing in a couple of weeks in the Book Festival talking about it. The early part of the book covers the history of Sharia, and the development of Islamic jurisprudence. This necessarily involves the history of early Islamic rulers, and is full of interesting anecdotes, of which the following is the best so far: a piece of trivia to displace the Mozart bootleg story from my party repertoire.

It concerns the caliph Harun al-Rashid, famous from his central role in the Thousand and One Nights. It seems Harun's mother was as lethally ambitious on Harun's behalf as her Roman predecessor Livia was for her favoured relatives, and had a less-favoured elder brother of Harun's eliminated. It is, however, the chosen method of despatch that sticks in the mind (though in fairness, it may have been supplemented by poison). According to Ibn al-Tiqtaqa in his book al-Fakhri (unfortunately obtainable at present only in French) the mother persuaded her doomed son's concubine to sit on his face for a little too long.

I don't suppose death by suffocation is ever pleasant, but as murder weapons go.....


At 16 August, 2012 16:44, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

The 'Vegas Touch'?
But yes, if chosing your method were permitted, this does sound like a reasonable alternative.

At 17 August, 2012 12:32, Blogger Rob said...

Come now, Joe, Vegas has a museum devoted to "The Mob". And if you wanted some rival kingpin to meet a, er, sticky end, where more appropriate than a Vegas hotel bedroom?

And the hotel of course could be relied upon to be discreet: perhaps announcing that the victim had ordered something to eat from room service and then sadly choked on his food.

At 18 August, 2012 21:55, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

choked on his food, yes, good one


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