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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

If Blair comes back I'm emigrating to Cuba.

From Peter Wilby's 23 July column in the New Statesman:

Here’s . . . Tony!

What is Tony Blair up to? His biographer Anthony Seldon, asked by the Guardian if we should rule out a Blair return to Downing Street, replies “absolutely not”.

How could it happen?

Here is my scenario. The coalition breaks up next year and, simultaneously, Moody’s and other agencies downgrade Britain’s credit rating, as they have recently threatened. To reassure the markets, Blair forms a “government of national unity”, supported by the Cameroons (who frequently profess admiration for him), Labour’s Blairite rump and the Lib Dems. This alliance might just a command a Commons majority until the 2015 election, assisted by an opposition of Tory diehards and Labour loyalists who cannot agree on anything. Would Blair even need a parliamentary seat? Italy’s Mario Monti and Greece’s Lucas Papademos hadn’t been elected to anything. Is that Blair’s game plan? Stranger things have happened.

I hope that this scenario can be safely filed away along with other wacky predictions of election avoidance such as that of Tennessee state representative Kelly Keisling (R), who believes that President Obama will fake his own assassination so that martial law can be imoosed and the 2012 election avoided.

Though if Blair does manage to return as Prime Minister without the messy necessity of first being elected to Parliament (an election he'd find difficult given his selfish dumping of his former constituency the moment he was no longer PM and would therefore actually have to do some work for his constituents) I would have to admit that Uncle Jimmy was right, though most of his lunatic conspiracy theories remain just that. (While it's no surprise that Jimmy finds the contents of his blog so embarrassing that he has hidden them forever behind a firewall, it's a shame I was never able to link to his wonderful post on how the Russians helped Saddam smuggle his nuclear weapons out of Iraq before they could be detected - and how the fact that this idea was dismissed as rubbish even by the Bush administration makes it MORE likely - or his more recent one on how Iraq had obtained "red mercury" which PROVES they were build a nuclear weapon. Red mercury as a component of weapons systems was exposed as a hoax years ago, but clearly nobody told Jimmy that.)


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