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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fake News from Islamophobes

This piece from Loonwatch is a great expose of the lengths to which career Islamophobes will go to spread hatred. Lies, fakery: doesn't matter, as lying in the cause of religious hatred is perfectly acceptable to them. (You know, that taqqiya business of which they constantly - and ludicrously - accuse Muslims.)

I scarcely need to add that with the minimum amount of Googling I find that Bonni the New York Nazi has propagated every single one of the fake stories cited.

In some ways the most disturbing thing about the relabelling of the Syrian video as a Tunisian one is the free pass it gives to the Free Syrian Army. They may be the "good guys" insofar as they're not President Assad, but they need to be held to account. After all, nobody cared too much about rebel atrocities when the rebels were fighting Soviet forces in Afghanistan. And what happened to those rebel guys?


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