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Thursday, August 09, 2012

But it's OK for us to be like this because we're white "Christians"

You meet such lovely chaps on far-right blogs. Here's commenter "Tony" at Bare Naked Islam calling for a woman (sorry, a "dog") to be genitally mutilated and then stoned to death for the "crime" of wearing a niqab. "Natalie" says that she deserves to have acid thrown in her face. Yes, well, that's really sticking it to those woman-hating, human-rights-abusing Muslims, isn't it?

Here Bonni the Holocaust denier herself gives this picture of refugees drowning off the Australian coast

the caption "Fortunately, not all the Muslim invaders make it".

Here we have the Australian "Betty Burqa" complaining that in her hospital they have doctors and nurses who are (whisper it) non-white. (But the folks at BNI aren't racist, oh dear me no, because they keep chanting Islam-is-not-a-race.) Another Australian "Shirl in Oz" complains about the doctor and lawyer trying to get decent healthcare for a Sri Lankan refugee, and what is her main complaint? That they're both Jewish. (But that's OK, because "Jewish" isn't a race either so it's OK to hate Jews at BNI. Bonni certainly does.)


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