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Friday, August 24, 2012

And puir Bonni's bonnie bank has nae money...

Bonni the Bayside Nazi at BareNakedIslam has been off the air again, and is now back. For whatever reason (legal fees to keep her sorry ass out of jail, or bribes to Mossad to stop hacking her site) her blog now opens with a begging letter. It's bad news when an Islamophobic hate site can't make ends meet, eh?

I look forward to the imminent demise of one of the vilest hate sites around. Unless of course on of the inbred survivalists who comprise Bonni's core audience happens to be a millionaire like Jed Clampett....

Oh, and easily the best of the present crop of Bonni's dumb-ass headlines:

Is Barack Hussein Obama finally planning to out himself as a Muslim at the DNC Convention?


There, that was easy.


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