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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

An American Nazi on Anders Breivik: socialism made him do it.

Bonni the Bayside Nazi seems to be off the air at present for reasons likely to be connected with her publishing a death threat against John McCain which received a lot of publicity. While nobody with any sense would wish to see her publishing any more vileness, there's plenty to laugh at in the rubbish already there. Take this wonderful comment which I copy verbatim. It was posted in response to a comment by a Muslim pointing out that the worst terrorist attack in Europe in recent years was the Utoya/Oslo massacre by Anders Breivik, a white non-Muslim. Here is what "Ret. Marine" had to say about it: one can only assume that the "Ret." is short for "retarded" to judge from this stuff.

In case you are one of those who fall into the category of “you can’t fix stupid”. you failed to mention one contributing factor of this deranged nuts muderous rampage, called socialism. Socialism has killed more people in the past century than any other force to be reckoned with, outside of the islamic populations. He simply went after the people who caused all of his emotional disparages of humanity, their supporters and family members, but the importent part of his equasion was that of a socialist/progressive/repressive mentality to do unto others without though to the aftermath of these actions. While I hardly agree about any such nonsense of muslims being a contributiing factor to any civilized societies, every where one looks, at current rate, over the past 11 years, islam has caused and is responsible for the death and destruction of personal property, and peoples of all kinds, to include muslims themselves, over 19,000 incidences, that’s 1,727 incidences per year, or 143,9 incidences per month. So tell me about al of those Christians, Hindu’s, Budists, and all assortment of other religous persons who have commited such acts in all of these past 11 years, can’t do it, and most likely will never be able to. You air are the very definition of ” stupid does as stupid goes”. I am fair minded enough to understand/to suggest all muslims are terrorist of some sort, but it is conclusive to understand all terrorist have turned out to be muslims, is that the type of contributions you speak of, if so sad, sad, mad dogs you are, deal with it. Don’t try and educate the educated about islam and the demons-in-the-flesh people, we are way to wise to your bullshit pal. Now go thank the iman of your community for condeming you and your type to root cause of your illness of your soul, and go to hell, of which surly you will go either way if you refuse to submitt to the God of Moses, Jacob and Isaac.

Sincerly A Christian Warrior, a former Marine and a slave to God’s lover and compassion for the free willed of all Nations.

"Don't try to educate the educated"? This "slave to God's lover" (!) couldn't locate anyone educated if it used both hands, a GPS and a metal detector. If it really is a former Marine then thank Christ he got kicked out before his stupidity could get too many of his buddies killed: they need guys who can think in the US Marines nowadays. And they still have a shortage. (Sorry, couldn't resist that.)


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