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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tonight Mitt's gonna (tea) party like it's 1945

And while I've been out of the country, Mitt the Mouth has not only managed to insult pretty much the whole of Britain (which is OK, as the few Brits who had heard of him hated his guts anyway) but has demonstrated his abysmal grasp of both geography and history by stating that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel AND has effectively declared World War Three should he be elected president by backing a first (i.e. unprovoked) strike by Israel against Iran.

Now backing a strike by Iran against Israel's unregulated nuclear arsenal (which poses a real threat not only to Iran but to all the rest of us): that I could understand. If Iran actually did have any plans for building a nuclear weapon they should be encouraged in order to provide the only kind of counterbalance the Israeli government would understand: a government somewhere in the world neither scared of it nor operating as a paid agent of it. Well, we can dream, until the blast waves knock in our windows and the heat turns our loved ones an indelicate shade of black.

Update: the European news media know how to respond to Mitt. Let's just pray that the American electorate does.