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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Here are some more shining examples of the way women are treated by non-Muslims: but this time they're from India, and they;re not examples of sexist abuse but of rape, violence and exploitation. Recently voted in a worldwide poll of gender specialists to be the worst country in the world in which to be a woman (pushing Saudi Arabia into second place), India has the kind of attitudes that the Nazi loons would like us to believe are the sole preserve of Islam:

In June, an anonymous Delhi woman wrote a powerful blog post detailing what happened when she dared not to travel in the "ladies carriage" of Delhi's modern metro. After asking a man not to stand too close to her, things turned nasty. Another man intervened and told the first to back off, but soon the two were having a bloody fight in the train carriage. Rather than break up the brawl, the other passengers turned on the woman, shouting: "This is all your fault. You started this fight. This is all because you came into this coach!" and "You women always do this. You started this fight!" and "Why are you even here? Go to the women's coach."

Oh, and let's not kid ourselves that "honour killings" have anything to do with Islam. Leaving aside the thousands of "dowry killings" (or whoops-my-wife-with-the-insufficient-pile-of-dosh-appears-to-have-caught-fire) in the Hindi population, how about this:

In June, a father beheaded his 20-year-old daughter with a sword in a village in Rajasthan, western India, parading her bleeding head around as a warning to other young women who might fall in love with a lower-caste boy.

Let's give the last word to the editor of an Assamese women's magazine:

"In this part of the world, it's worse than the Taliban," she insists in her Guwahati office. "At least the Taliban are open about what they like and dislike. Here, society is so hypocritical. We worship female goddesses and yet fail to protect women from these crimes and then blame them too."


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