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Monday, July 23, 2012

Shining examples of non-Muslims' respect for women

Bonni Benstock-Intall, terrorist supporter, Holocaust denier and all-round house Nazi over at white supremacist site Bare Naked Islam,is always banging on about the treatment of Muslim women.

So how do Bonni and the sheep who comment on her blog view women?

Well, let's look at some evidence here. Some comments on pictures of Iranian women footballers, all happily accepted for posting by Bonni.

....look at the size of that left hand on that thing in the orange drinking the water.

They should all have their genital plumbing checked before each game to make sure their all piped up for “receiving”, not “shipping”.

I don’t think just a simple physical lookie would do. It oould be especially hard with muslims anyhow, since most of the women sprout moustaches.

Simple Solution – In the Dressing(up)Room before they go on the Park,just play some ABBA Music,the Girls will all Dance,the ones in the Corner are the Guys

muzzie whores!

I want to, “throw up”, “puke”, “vomit”, every time I see these Breeders!

Easy to see there’s men in that group. Hands, feet, no boobs and the face.

Maybe being in sports lesbianism is allowed

As a man I do not find any of these Muslim women appealing. As a Christian I would not touch a Muslim, or any unbelieving, woman with a ten foot pole

Now compare and contrast.

I'm not saying all Muslims are perfect followers of those teachings: but one could slip a long way from there before reaching the depths of woman-hatred found in the BNI cesspool, where women are always "fat", "chubby", "ugly", "whores", "bitches", "disgusting cunts", "walking vaginas".