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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Save Remploy Factories

While we're on the subject of disabilities and how people with special needs are treated by governments, our own government is acting shamefully right now. Remploy is a government agency which finds jobs for disabled people, including directly employing some in factories. The ConDem government has announced plans to close most of the factories (36 out of 54) with closure of the remainder to follow later. While a case can be made - and has been made by various disability charities - that putting disabled workers into a kind of employment ghetto of special factories is not a very enlightened approach for the 21st century, the solution to that is surely to provide some kind of transition - perhaps even in consultation with those affected and their representatives(!) - rather than simply throwing 1,518 vulnerable people out of work. With cuts to the welfare budget under way and more to come, the timing could hardly be worse. So I am happy to throw my small weight behind the campaign to protect the Remploy jobs as far as possible. The government has to date ignored a petition with over 100,000 signatures, but the campaign continues. Please sign the petition. Link it on your own blogs or websites. Share it on Facebook. Change is inevitable, but this axe-swinging isn't.


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