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Thursday, July 26, 2012

More people who think it inappropriate to reward Israel for massive human rights abuse

I see in the letters page of today's Guardian that my horror at the EU's craven sucking up to an Israeli government intent on adding the insult of further tax fraud to the injury of massive human rights abuses is shared by both my MEP (which saves me the trouble of writing to him) and Christian Aid. An extract from each:

Christian Aid believes that illegal settlements will continue to expand unless action, such as excluding settlement trade from EU markets, is taken that backs statements of condemnation from the EU. Any consolidation or strengthening of ties should be conditional upon an end to settlement expansion.

....it is a clear upgrade of trade relations with Israel and incompatible with international law and recent European parliament declarations denouncing the abuse of human rights in the occupied territories. It would be especially galling to allow easier access to the EU market for Israeli pharmaceutical products when Palestinians struggle for medical supplies under the Israeli-imposed blockade.


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