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Sunday, July 08, 2012

It isn't anti-semitism when they really ARE trying to kill you

Last time I posted about Bonni Benstock Intall of Stark Raving Loony Bare Naked Islam, it was to laugh at her incompetent lying and inept fakery of stories. This time it's not to laugh at her but to point out that she openly and unashamedly supports the Kahanist Jewish Defense League. The JDL, described by the FBI as a "known violent extremist Jewish organisation" and "a right-wing terrorist group", carried out a programme of terrorist bombings in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s. One of its members, Baruch Goldstein, machine-gunned a mosque in the Occupied West Bank, killing 29 people. Members have carried out terrorist acts in the USA in the present century, and are suspected of carrying out many others elsewhere.

So there you have it. Bonni is a proud supporter of an officially-designated terrorist group which carried out, and continues to attempt, terrorist attacks in the United States, and which reveres as a martyr a terrorist who slaughtered families at prayer.

She also supports a political philosophy which strives to impose on Israel a totalitarian Jewish theocracy, with all mixing between Jews and non-Jews prohibited, democracy suppressed, Israeli Arabs expelled or murdered, and secular and left-wing Jews likewise imprisoned or killed.

Bonni is no American, and no friend of Israel: just a nasty little wannabe terrorist who wasn't smart enough to get into al-Qaeda so just sits on the sidelines cheering when civilians are killed, and licking her lips at the thought that Americans she hates might be beheaded or genitally mutilated.

Bonni Benstock Intall, of 1 BAY CLUB DR 19A, BAYSIDE, NY 11360, is a traitor to the United States of America. You didn't read it here first: you read it on her own blog. And equally traitorous is her complicit "ex-marine" husband: unless of course he's actually keeping her under surveillance for the FBI or NYPD (or maybe the DHS). Now that would be ironic.


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