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Monday, July 23, 2012

First they came for the Muslims: but because I got all my information from the Daily Mail and Fox News I cheerfully helped them herd the children off for execution.

There have been a couple of really good pieces in the press over the past couple of weeks on the extent of Islamophobia in Britain.

First, in the Independent, Owen Jones exposed the vile level of anti-Muslim hatred in Britain, and how people simply look the other way. And not just in Britain but throughout Europe:

A tide of Islamophobia has swept Europe for many years, and – shamefully – all too few have taken a stand. Even many who regard themselves as "progressives" have either remained silent or even indulged anti-Muslim prejudice. It's time for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to join forces against the most widespread – and most acceptable – form of bigotry of our times.

Then today, in the Guardian, Joseph Harker looks at the double standards of the British media when it comes to reporting crime by (perceived) Muslims and crime by everyone else.

Despite all we know about racism, genocide and ethnic cleansing, the Rochdale case showed how shockingly easy it is to demonise a community. Before long, the wider public will believe the problem is endemic within that race/religion, and that anyone within that group who rebuts the claims is denying this basic truth.

Turn a blind eye to all this hatred, demonisation and prejudice, like non-Jews in Germany during Kristallnacht? Or do something about it? It's your call: but I know which side I'm on.


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