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Monday, July 16, 2012

The chimes they are a-changing

Here are three iconic British comedians in an iconic British sketch about that iconic British preoccupation, class.

This is a post about a rather different British icon, though you'll find out later why the "Class" sketch came to mind.

The clock tower on the Houses of Parliament (aka "Big Ben") is to be officially renamed as the Elizabeth Tower, making a pair with its bigger neighbour which is named for the other British monarch to have a Diamond Jubilee.

The tower, as this article points out, goes under five different names, most of them wrong.

So why did this remind me of the Frost Report sketch? Well, I have always known that Big Ben was the name of the bell, not the tower: I was, however, under the mistaken impression that the tower's proper name was St Stephen's Tower. So while I look down on the "Big Ben" crowd, I look up to those who called it the "Clock Tower".

And if I were standing on Westminster Bridge gazing fondly up at the Elizabeth Tower, I too could have a pain in the back of my neck. Great view, though.


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