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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burying the hatchet

I feel like posting a few music tracks with Native American connections. Let;s start with Johnny Preston's Running Bear. I remember this being on the radio a lot when I was small, presumably because it was number 1 in the States and high up the chart here too. Well, Johnny Preston (unlike Running Bear and Little White Dove) is still alive, kicking, and performing the song.

I can't leave Running Bear without mention of a girlfriend from my college days, who came from Cleckheaton (as she explained when we first met, it's near Heckmondwike). West Yorkshire folk are famed for being plain-spoken, no-nonsense types, which may account for her suggestion that the final two lines be amended to

Now they'll always be together
'Cos they've Been and Gone and Drowned.

Admit it, every time you hear the song now, you're going to remember that, right?

OK. Here's another sad, love-lorn Indian: Kaw-Liga, from Rusty and Doug Kershaw.

Some marvellous lyrics in there. And a great song that deserves to be better known.

Here's the great Bill Keith playing Cherokee Shuffle.

And OK, this isn't as good as Bill Keith, but it scores double on the Weird-Shit-O-Meter:

The last instrumental: I really couldn't omit this one! Featuring probably the world's most famous Jehovah's Witness on lead guitar. (Apparently he used to take his turn knocking on doors trying to convert people, but once he got famous they all assumed it was some kind of TV wind-up so he had to stop.)

Here are Sweet proving that "Wig Wam" also rhymes with "Glam":

Here's that nice M. Rameau proving that classical music has tunes just as catchy as pop:

And finally here's Johnny Horton singing Cherokee Boogie. Slideshow art by Gil Elfgren, just to make sure you stay to the end.

Actually, not quite finally, because however upbeat the music, this isn't a story with a happy ending:


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