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Thursday, July 26, 2012

BNI: Barely Neanderthal Intellect

Bonni Benstock-Intall, terrorist-supporting Bayside Nazi, demonstrates yet again that she doesn't bother to watch the videos she posts: she just sees the odd word like "Muslim" and "terrorist" and makes the rest of her story up, figuring we're all too dumb and ADHD-raddled to watch the video for ourselves.

Here Bonni tells us that Muslims whine, “The new ‘in’ word for terrorist is ‘Muslim.’ An assertion spoiled only by two inconvenient niggles:

1) From their names and clothing, both the Indians interviewed appear to be Hindus: certainly not Muslims anyway

2) the complaint is actually that the "in" word for Muslim is "terrorist".

And this is the moron who tries to pretend she has a degree in Japanese. (Unfortunately while sanitising her blog after Wordpress binned it as a hate site she deleted her revealing May 2011 comment about "ex-pats and international travelers" who are all "Muslim-loving liberals". Hmm, so you did a degree in Japanese without ever living in Japan or even visiting. Did this "degree" require you to send in a lot of cereal box tops to obtain it, maybe?)

When linking (and reprinting so she can add sarcastic comments of her own) an article by Mark Pfeiffer, who is "adjunct professor of Islamic studies at Baptist University of the Americas and director of the Christian Institute of Islamic Studies", she assumes he's a Muslim. If it weren't funny enough that she can't tell a Baptist from a Muslim, her ideas about Jesus are even funnier. Here is Mark Pfeiffer:

If Christians are to love, bless and pray for those who persecute them, a Christian can never really consider anyone his or her enemy. Further, we are taught to love our neighbors, and Jesus scolds us for only loving those who love us. Thus, there is no group of people that falls outside the category of “neighbor.”

Bonni's response? "He only said that because there were no muslims back then."

That's right, Bonni, you set Jesus straight and tell him how he should have preached hatred like you. Bonni Benstock-Intall, who understands Judaism better than the Jews (and keeps telling them how they can't be real Jews unless they're neofascists who hate Gentiles), who understands Islam better than Muslims (and keeps correcting their faulty understanding of the Qu'ran), now knows more about Christianity than Jesus. Golly gee, Bonni, they taught you a lot on that "Japanese" course.

She's so stupid that when presented with an obvious hoax story (hint: the site it comes from is headed up "UK Spoof News and Satire") she swallows it whole, adding her own sarcastic asides on it.


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