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Sunday, July 08, 2012

And if your head explodes with 9mm hollow-points too, I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Met

Still thinking about crazy police responses to non-terrorists, I discovered this story I had missed last year.

The bit I really liked was where the commander of the Mat's firearms unit distinguished between "dumdum" rounds "which he said was slang for ammunition altered by criminals to cause maximum injury and suffering" and the Met's new 9mm hollow-point bullet which "has been proven to be more efficient at stopping someone instantly".

Actually both are designed to cause maximum damage inside the body of whoever they hit. Both terms refer to expanding bullets. These are prohibited in warfare under the Hague Convention, but criminal suspects in the "War" on "Terror" are sadly immune from any such protection.

Here is a comparison of the effects of a number of expanding bullets, and here are video clips of their effects.

You have to love Barnes's slogan: "Unleaded. Unfailing. Unbeatable." When I was younger there was a joke going round that the police had decided to become more environmentally conscious, and in future would be converting all their guns to run on lead-free bullets. Reality has finally caught up with satire.......


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