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Sunday, July 08, 2012

All the news that's fit to fake

Bonni Benstock-Intall, credulous Nazi fool, published this post just after Francois Hollande became the new French President.

The "story" was rapidly exposed as being a hoax. Even one of Bonni's own commenters pointed out that it didn't appear in any believable French sources. (And did so before the guy I linked above, which was impressive.)

None of which stopped Walid Shoebat (his real name, though everything else about him appears to be fake), sham "ex-terrorist" and highly-paid hate speaker, from reposting the story on his own blog. Again, a commenter points out almost immediately thaat the story is a hoax.

So both Moonbat Shoebomb Shoebat and Stark Raving Islamophobia's Bonni know that they have published a fake story. So they will have published corrections, right? I mean, anyone can make a mistake, as this story shows.

Correction, Walid? [crickets]

Correction, Bonni? [crickets]

Well, duh. This is Bonni who still links to a fake story about North African refugees murdering women by throwing them overboard. She links to it as though it comes from Le Figaro. Not only is it not where she links it, it has never appeared in Le Figaro, and makes its first appearance on Bonni's site, credited to someone - probably equally imaginary - called "Paulo".


There are plenty of other recent examples, not of Bonni being taken in but of her publishing lies which are ridiculously easy to expose, not that the tame sheep who comment on them would ever do that (and if they did, they would be banned).

Take this post, for example, on a gay cruise apparently denied permission to dock in Casablanca. Bonni writes:

Funny how leftist gays always want to go where their lives would be in danger. They continue to protest against Israel, the ONLY country in the Middle East that offers homosexuals full equal rights.

Now, as readers of this blog will already know, no gay person's life would be in danger in Morocco. Their liberty, possibly (if they actually committed homosexual acts on Moroccan territory they could be imprisoned for up to three years) but not their lives. And my readers will also be aware that Israel is NOT the only country in the Middle East giving gays full equal rights. Gays in Israel do NOT have full equal rights (try marrying your gay partner there), and while homosexual activity is completely legal, it has been legal in Jordan (and thus in the Occupied West Bank which continued the Jordanian law) a full twelve years longer. Oh, and it's legal in Iraq, too. Israel does, however, have better rights for gays than many states in the USA. In any case, to judge from the comments under Bonni's post, neither she nor her sheeple consider gay rights anything to be proud of.

These LBGT creatures are what is wrong with western society. They brought a curse on us through their perversion.

Gay people subconsciously want to be spanked/beaten down that is why they support islam.


OK. Hands up if you can spot the lie in this post about a robbery from the Swedish royal family.

The Royals had all their Crown Jewels stolen by a Somali Muslim whom they welcomed into their own home.

When I read that, I thought it seemed unlikely that the Swedish crown jewels were kept in a royal residence rather than the more conventional massive strongroom. After all, they're not things you use very often. So I Googled "Swedish crown jewels", and the very first sentence of their wikipedia entry states "Sweden’s Crown Jewels are kept deep in the vaults of the Royal Treasury..". So had some Somali refugee pulled off a Die Hard-style heist?

Well, no. The truth is far more mundane. First of all, the robbery victims weren't even offically members of the Swedish royal family, though both Princess Christina and her husband are members of the "Royal Court". Not sure what that distinction entails, but they're clearly pretty small fry in royal terms. So it's not surprising that the jewels pinched by a Somali refugee who was a close friend of the couple were a long way from being "crown jewels". According to Aftonbladet, the items stolen were:

A tiara of Princess Christina bar by the Nobel Banquet December 10, 2011. Off-label Rib Hagen. Heirlooms. Should have been in a cloth bag labeled Sennheiser when it was thrown in Stockholm stream. Value: 350 000 SEK.

A gold ring with an aqua marine stone the size of a thumbnail, surrounded by smaller white stones. Inherited from Princess Sibylla. Which in turn inherited it from his grandmother, Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Value: 25 000 SEK.

A ring in white gold with a large diamond of unknown carats. The diamond is mounted in white gold and antique cut. Although it is heirlooms that have gone the Princess Christina's family for a long time. Value: 450 000 SEK.

Two large cufflinks in gold, a little less than one Euro coin. Engraved with the number 40. Belonged formerly Sweden's former King Gustaf VI Adolf. Value: 30 000 SEK.

A braided rigid bracelet in gold thread and a black wire, possibly elefanthår. About two centimeters wide. The bracelet is a medallion / coin with a likeness of Emperor Haile Selassie wearing a crown on her head. A gift from the Emperor during a state visit 1956. Value: Unknown.

Total: At least 855 000 SEK .

It should be pointed out that even that story may not be totally reliable. Even if it's all true, it is however a very long way from the theft of "all the Crown Jewels". Or even "any of the Crown Jewels".

Bonni says that "Some readers have expressed doubt about the authenticity of this story". Her response is to link to a report which describes how "a 19-year-old man has admitted to the theft of over 850,000 kronor ($120,675) worth of royal jewels that were taken from Princess Christina’s apartment near the Royal Palace over the past two months." Gosh, it's almost as though that's what Bonni said had happened, except for, you know, the facts. She does link to a video by an Islamophobic Youtuber calling itself "whathitthefan", who lives in a poor part of Stockholm and is as ignorant as she is and believes it was the "crown jewels" which were stored in a wee safe in Princess Christina's bedroom. So because a bampot Swedish conspiracy theorist (his videos are full of Breivik-like tales of an Islamic takeover) can't tell one royal from another, or a tiara from a crown, that proves that the Swedish press have it all wrong, eh? (Gotta love that several of Bonni's commenters, presumably because it's the worst insult the homophobic filth could imagine, suggested that the Somali thief must have been Tord Magnuson's gay lover. Woo-hoo!)


Or how about this post?

EAST LONDON: Muslims are up in arms over plans to place Surface-to-Air Missiles on their apartment building roofs during the Olympics

Thanks to the threat of ‘Islamic’ terrorism and ONLY Islamic terrorism, the Army is set to station soldiers and high velocity surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of residential flats to ward off any airborne terror threats during the Olympics. The area includes Tower Hamlets, an all-Muslim no-go zone.

First of all, Tower Hamlets is neither "all-Muslim" nor a "no-go zone". It would be damned inconvenient if it were off limits to non-Muslims, considering it contains both the Tower of London and Canary Wharf (London's main financial district). It includes most of what is still know as the East End of London, whose inhabitants are famously portrayed in EastEnders. Any crazy New Yroker who wishes to propose the thesis that Peggy Mitchell resembles a Muslim in any respect whatsoever is welcome to try. In any case, Tower Hamlets, while it contains a large community of Bangladeshi Muslims, also contains a large Afro-Caribbean population of mostly Pentecostal Christians.

The story to which she links refers to protests by "East London residents", and the picture illustrating the protest shows dozens of people, one of whom is in a hijab. I think I spotted two more probable Muslims in the video clip, and one of those was the interviewer. But it's only "Muslims" protesting, according to Bonni. The article explains that SAMs are to be placed on the Lexington Building in Bow (which is in Tower Hamlets) and the Fred Wigg Tower in Waltham Forest (which is, you will be amazed to hear, is in Waltham Forest, not Tower Hamlets). (Waltham Forest is famous for David Beckham, East 17 and Iron Maiden: not exactly Tehran then.)


I have saved the most egregious lie for last. This post asks a question in its title:

Did the CIA really say that Israel would no longer exist by the year 2012?

And the accompanying text reads:

Palestinian Authority television interviewed a Syrian journalist who claimed to have seen a top secret CIA memo from the Clinton administration. This CIA memo allegedly predicted that Israel would not survive beyond the year 2022.

Well, that answers that, then.

I'm not sure which is most hilarious: that Bonni can't tell 2012 from 2022, or that not one of her sheeple has spotted the obvious error. Mind you, the ones commenting on this post are more than usually kooky (I like the one who assures us that the world isn't supposed to end until 2026).


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