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Saturday, June 02, 2012

What if they had been Muslim?

I was shocked by this story from South Africa. Idiots vandalising artworks is bad enough (we have them at home), but the spokesman from the Nazareth Baptist Church calling for the artist to be stoned to death definitely took me aback. Did the Taleban take over in South Africa while I was out?

Amazing too that the champions of freedom who whinge and wail whenever Muslims call for artists to be killed (think Salman Rushdie, or Mohammed cartoons) have nothing at all to say when a Christian does it (even when he makes the comparison perfect by demanding stoning). Mind you, Bonni Benstock-Intall believes that Jacob Zuma is a Muslim so probably thinks the Nazareth Baptist Church is just some kind of stealth mosque.

But surely the Musiim-hating "Christian Zionists" (no there's an oxymoron for you) will have been full of the terrible desecration of a fourth-century Israeli synagogue where the government was carrying out archaeological investigations. The unique mosaic floor was irreparably damaged. So the ultra-rightists will have been beside themselves with righteous anger against this desecration of a Jewish place of worship. Well, no, because the government has good reason to believe it was ultra-orthodox Jews who carried out the desecration, because of the slogans sprayed, because of constant protests about the dig from the local haredim, and because they have a history of this kind of mindless vandalism of synagogues.

Jews damaging ancient religious sites? Christians calling for stoning of artists who don't behave? Hell, we can't report that.


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