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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Uncle Jimmy and the art of interior decoration

Did I say BlairSupporter's sole function was to make us laugh with his ridiculous drivel? Well, yes I did. Hasty? Hell, yes.

It clearly isn't his only function: he also links in this post to a series of pieces of latter-day trompe l'oeil decoration. And they are rather good. Pop over and take a look. (Just don't expect much else worth bothering with once you're there.)

UPDATE: Whoa there: maybe not so hasty after all.....

It turns out that the "public toilet in Houston, Texas" is actually nothing of the kind. While it is a functioning toilet with one-way mirror walls, it's actually an art installation which has appeared in various places: Jimmy's pictures show it in Basel, Switzerland. So don't go rushing off to Houston to see it.

And the "ceiling mural in a Smokers' Lounge" is actually a campaign poster by the Cancer Patients' Aid Association, designed to be affixed to ceilings. Snopes.com don't know whether they were ever actually used that way.

Finally, and worst of all, the "painted bathroom floor" doesn't show a real floor at all: it's simply a Photoshopped image.

So: nice images, shame about the fakery. That's what you get when you're a credulous idiot. (But the see-through loo is pretty neat: I may link it - with the proper description, of course - for my Facebook page.)

FURTHER UPDATE: I posted a comment on Jimmy's blog explaining all the above and linking to this post for the detailed links etc. But as the freedom-of-speech-hating fool has banned me for insufficient sycophancy, it was blocked. Oh well: he's the one left looking gullible.


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