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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring

Today, of course, is Bloomsday. * And 2012 is the 90th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses, so this particular Bloomsday is especially celebratory.

Looking round to see how the day was being marked around the world, I found that the James Joyce Centre in Dublin has had a whole week of celebrations of Joyce's work: not only Ulysses but Finnegans Wake, Dubliners and all the rest. I think Wednesday's programme looks especially wonderful. I would love to go on the James Joyce bus tour, and as for the evening's entertainment:

Wednesday, 13 June, 6.30pm Finn Again: Translating Joyce into Finnish from 1946-2012

Professors Janna Kantola and Hannu Riikonen of the University of Helsinki, Finland will discuss the challenges and joys of translating Joyce into one of the world’s most unique languages. A must for those interested in translation! Followed by a wine reception generously sponsored by the Embassy of Finland.

You almost wonder whether they arranged the talk so they could use the punning title: but it sounds as though it would have been fascinating.

* Not to be confused, as Wikipedia warns, with Lilac Bloomsday Run......


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