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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Still beavering away

Like a dog to its vomit, Uncle Jimmy (BlairSupporter) has returned to defaming the legal team at the Leveson enguiry. You will remember that he decided to pick on one of the junior members of the team, accusing her (on no evidence he was actually able to produce) of smirking at the thought of someone managing to interrupt proceedings by sneaking in the back way. In fact, as the video clip Jimmy helpfully posted showed, the woman jumped half out of her skin and looked around rather nervously. Jimmy compounded this by referring to the woman as a "legal beaver", which as well as being obscene provided more evidence of his American background (if he'd really been a Glaswegian wishing to be so unpleasant he'd have called her a "wee lawyer cunt" and been done with it).

Anyway, on Tuesday our brave bully was back at his hate-filled work. He carefully cherry-picks a still from the video showing the woman grinning nervously (the only frame on the video which even a liar of Jimmy's talent could try to pass off as showing a "smirk". He calls her a "legal beaver" again: nice. As he said of Tom McArthur's comment about Blair's tricking the public, he clearly thought the remark so good that he said it twice. The difference of course, is that the Tom McArthur remark only appeared twice because Jimmy doesn't know how to cut and paste text properly: his own vile smear is repeated in two separate posts.

It's always good to find things to laugh at in Jimmy's packs of lies, and while his bullying isn't funny, he just couldn't quit while he was ahead.

I’ve never criticised those involved in running the Inquiry or its procedures. Never apart from the other day when I mentioned the young lady on the left in the picture below. Alone amongst the legal beavers and journalists behind Robert Jay QC she seemed to think an interloper at the Royal Courts of Justice was something to smirk about. I notice she hasn’t been around in that prominent position since then.

Really, Jimmy? Let's see, the interloper interloped on 28th May. Let's have a quick look (this took me all of two minutes) at who was sitting where in the sessions on 29th, 30th and 31st. (Since then the enquiry has been in recess.) Wait....who's this in the morning session of 30th May, sitting in the prominent place at the right shoulder of Robert Jay QC? Could it be?....It IS... Jimmy's "legal beaver" is inconveniently present and correct. Bad luck, Jimmy: your bullying didn't make her ill. Clever of you though to "notice" that she wasn't there when she was: brilliant observation.

While we're in Jimmy's little dungheap, here's something else to provide a grin. Jimmy posted this picture of the Independent's front page. It's full of bons mots from the ex-PM, mostly in the familiar whiny style Jimmy loves so dearly.

Jimmy describes this as the Independent's choosing to "pose some questions in quotation form". Hmmm....(looks at front page again). Anyone see a single question on there? Nope, me neither: just lies and wriggling from the Slimy One.

For the record, I couldn't give a toss about what Blair had to say to the Leveson enquiry (or to anyone else for that matter): the man isn't that important. I do care when innocent bystanders get caught up in Jimmy's  drive-by nastiness though. Not so much a Blair Supporter as an athletic support: smelling of bollocks and in need of a wash.

Oh, and I have just used the link on the enquiry's web page to bring Jimmy's remarks to their attention. I don't know whether they will do anything (they must be used to getting abuse from nutters) but maybe he'll get a polite email asking him to keep his potty-mouthed lies to himself.


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