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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Not that these guys have anything to crow about

There is no positive gloss that can be put on this story: a Palestinian man sentenced to death for selling his house to a Jewish buyer.

And yes, eventually he confessed to working for Mossad (Israeli intelligence). Under torture, most people will confess to almost anything, which is why it's useless if you actually want information. Of course, if you want folk to confirm your existing propaganda it's fine: yes, Shalala worked for Mossad, yes the prisoners in Guantanamo were all personal friends of Osama bin Laden, whatever.

The Daily Mail, of course, in their zeal to find ever-increasing amounts of wickedness in Palestine, go beyond the mere facts to making stuff up.

According to columnist Caroline Glick, the law banning the sale of land or property to Jews has been in force for some time. She told the Weekly Standard: 'The PA was established in May 1994. The first law it adopted defined selling land to Jews as a capital offense.'

In fact, as this report makes clear, that law was already in force in Jordan before Israeli invaded, and before the Palestinian Authority existed. It simply continued in effect in what is still nominally Jordanian territory. It also mentions that the Israeli Army evicted the new Jewish owners in April. It may not be wholly coincidental that the Hebron area is where the most vicious violence from the illegal settlers has taken place over the years, including of course Baruch Goldstein's massacre.

I don't hold with anyone's being executed, and I don't think selling one's property should be a capital crime in any case. Even if it turns out Shahala sold the house to known terrorists (whether Jewish or Muslim) he should be tried for supporting terrorism, not selling his house.

Anyway here is a petition to the Palestinian Authority requesting a stay of execution for Muhammed Abu Shahala.

It would seem from this written answer to an MP's question from the FCO that Shahala is unlikely to be executed as there has been a moratorium on the use of the death penalty by the PA since 2009. So, modified rapture.


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