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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The news is fake but the blood libels are real.

Bonni Benstock-Intall has a post about an Egyptian butcher who killed his wife and them sold her meat for consumption. I have no idea whether it's true or not, though the picture she uses to ilustrate it are clearly totally unrelated and chosen simply for offensive effect. (As of course is her sarcastic question as to whether human flesh is halal.) I would like to point out two things, though. In an earlier post of Bonni's linking to a story in the Daily Mail, the report contained a link to a further story of a Swiss politician who advertised for someone to kill his wife and eat her. Is it not strange that Bonni was untroubled by the idea of a white European encouraging cannibalism, but is outraged at the suggestion that an Arab might get in on the act?

And whether the Egyptian story is true or not, the story referred to (twice) by her commenters about the murdered Blackpool girl being put into kebabs is known to be simply a blood libel. The girl was presumably killed, though her body was not found: but only the professional Islamophobic bloggers suggested she had been put into kebabs. (They must have been misremembering the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.) the murder trial of her alleged killer collapsed because the police seem to have faked transcripts of tape recordings. I don't suppose the continuing harassment of the original suspect by the EDL and the girl's mother is improving the chances of any future re-opening of the case either.

Following up the original story, the only place apart from BNI in which it appears is NDJ World, the site from which Bonni has it. Wow, fancy that! Some obscure tabloid-type blog about which I can find no information whatsoever is the only news site in the entire world to pick up on a murder case in a major capital city. Just imagine. (I can find NDJ's editor, though, who is the author of such wonders as Making Money Online Couldn't Be Easier Than This! and a book (which I can't find) called "50 Amazing Headlines That Sell Like Crazy".


File under F for Fake, then. As well as B for blood libel (again).


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