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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nazi trips over feet: wicked conspiracy of Muslims, Jews, George Soros and Jimmy Carter to blame

Much as I love to laugh at Nazis like Bonni Benstock-Intall, it's not often I get to see posts that simply make me hoot with derision rather than also facepalming with despair. But this one is definitely a hoot.

First of all, the image of wizened old Bonni trying on five-inch heels brings to mind the good Scottish description "Mutton dressed as mince". Then the fool, unable to stand up in them, let alone walk, topples over (let's charitably assume she was sober). Well, obviously, this is bad, and if something is bad then someone must be to blame for it. Can't be Bonni herself of course, so...oooh, wait, here are a couple of Muslims. Their only connection to Bonni's episode of axial tilt was that they were in the same shop, and (get this) wearing burqas. Cue tirade of racist filth from Bonni until the other customers leave. Then Bonni notices that one of the cashiers is wearing a hijab, so pointedly ignores her and asks another member of staff if the store is owned by Muslims. When the shop worker, not unreasonably, wonders what the crazed old bag is on about, she puts on a funny accent (you know, because that makes it easier for brown-skinned folks to understand you) before announcing that she doesn't want to buy anything anyway and walking out. Wow, Bonni, that really showed them: no more time-wasting from mumbling vagrants for them. They probably just thought you hadn't brought any money with you to pay for the shoes.

Of course, in Britain and most other places, a possibly-drunk crazy hurling insults at customers would be shown the door (generally while flying through it at boot-point). One hopes Marshall's in Long Island have now banned the old fool and notified other neighbourhood stores to beware of her. After all, folk creating ludicrous disturbances are often doing it as cover for a shoplifting accomplice.

When you've stopped giggling, read the simian chatter in the comments box, all one-upmanship about the vile abuse they've handed out to customers and staff (or more likely that they've fantasized about dishing out). One can easily imagine how little any American store must care about losing the business of these whining imbeciles in order to keep that of their polite - paying - clientele, Muslim or not.

While I suspect there are very few folk in Edinburgh who would ever be as vile as Bonni and her Nazi crew, when I'm out shopping I always make a point of smiling at women in hijabs or niqabs when I can. And if I have a straight choice between a checkout line staffed by a hijab-wearer and one staffed by someone else, I go for the hijab-wearer. I have never had any comment, let alone problem, with my trolley full of pork sausages and vodka, and they have always been very helpful. But why would they not? I don't insult them and try to rip off their clothing.

When Bonni and her clones have eventually boycotted every checkout in every store, the rest of us can shop in peace.


At 30 June, 2012 19:34, Blogger Tim (Kalyr) said...

I'm sure your white supremacist friend is making this up. I do not believe this incident actually happened, at least in anything resembling the way she described it.

Why was she not asked to leave the shop for her abusive behaviour, for starters?

Online blowhards are almost always physical cowards. They don't have the guts to do the stuff they fantasise about.

At 01 July, 2012 00:52, Blogger Rob said...

I'm pretty sure you're right, Tim: the comemnts to the other customers were probably mumbled under her breath, and it sounds as though the staff couldn't work out what she was on about.

I wouldn't describe her as a friend, though (:-)) I observe her with the same horrified fascination I have for those speeded-up films of a rat being eaten by maggots.

At 01 July, 2012 11:17, Blogger Tim (Kalyr) said...

I used the word "friend" ironically. You do seem to post about her rather a lot.

At 01 July, 2012 12:25, Blogger Rob said...

Well, she is a hard-to-resist target.


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