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Friday, June 15, 2012

Motes and Beams

Bonni the Barefaced Nazi is forever laying into Muslims for cruelty to dogs, as you can see from this post and the many linked at the bottom of it (though in many of those the stories are fake). There are other posts bemoaning Muslim cruelty to cats and other animals, not to mention the hundreds decrying halal slaughter (though never mentioning kosher slaughter which is at least as bad and sometimes worse).

And of course, as that post shows, she is a huge fan of the British Freedon Party, the English Defence League and its various spin-offs.

So I wonder how Bonni will react to the story that John "Snowy" Shaw, leader of EDL splinter group the Infidels, has been convicted of starving five llamas to death and badly neglecting several other animals in the middle of winter. He claims to have had no money to feed the animal, but he had plenty to fund his jetting round the country to take part in racist marches. And indeed to campaign against halal butchery.

Perhaps he, and Bonni, would do well to read the rules Muslims are expected to follow when looking after dogs and other animals.


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