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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, and Suppression

While looking for something in the archives I was reminded of my white supremacist troll Black Sheep, and revisited his blog (I know, sick fascination...). I posted a few comments (a lot of what the guy posts is racist rubbish but there are a few innocuous bits where we can have some kind of conversation).

I was interested to note though that his responses to my comments fell into three classes: (1) print without much comment (2) respond angrily (to be fair, I had been impugning his reading skills in that one....) (3) suppress (where I had posted evidence that he was spreading lies).

Ah, I love the smell of suppression in the morning - Hell, that's where my "stalking" of Uncle Jimmy kicked off. I'm not going to start linking to all of Sheep's crazy posts, but the two posts full of lies are just the tip of an iceberg (two, actually: one Islamophobic and one homophobic), and it's the iceberg that needs to be blasted.

Sheep's first post I reproduce in full here:

You Have To See This
June 10th, 2012
This is great. Paladin found a true gem here. This is a video showing lots of people, cars, flags and signs in, in front of and around a gas station owned by Muslims who refused service to a young Army soldier in uniform, because he was in uniform.

The locals didn’t take real kindly to that, and they probably don’t much like having muslims in their communities anyway. The backlash and outrage of these people is a wonderful thing to behold.

Spread this around the Internet as much as possible. The rest of America needs to see what the muslimes are doing and how the people of Bogaloosa, Loisiana feel about it.

Now the link to "Paladin" is broken, so I suppose the post isn't doing too much harm. But the story is one that received a good deal of currency (just Google soldier+ refused+service+muslim).

OK, then, first up is Snopes.com, who politely describe the story as "probably false". Then there's the local Bogolusa Daily News, who can find no trace of the supposed victim, and Hayride, who point out that the gas station owners appear to have been Hindu rather than Muslim. The link I posted to Sheep's blog (can't find it now) described the whole thing as a classic example of a "story" spread via credulous folk on the Internet: i.e. in exactly the way Sheep encourages his readers to do.

The other post full of falsehood was one on a piece of "research" purporting to show that children brought up by same-sex couples fare worse in several ways than those brought up by heterosexual couples. Now Sheep's link is to a Fox News piece, and their link to the original research doesn't actually include any of the results at all, just a description of the methodology. Still, the methodology of the survey was such that the "children raised by same-sex couples" were in most cases nothing of the kind. See criticism here, here, or here.

Regarding the results, Fox reported "Those who knew their fathers had had a gay relationship were more likely to have been arrested, to have thought recently about suicide, to feel depressed, to report sexually transmitted diseases and to have experienced forced sex.

"Twenty-three percent of young adults who knew their mother to have had a gay relationship reported being forced to have sexual contact with a parent or adult caregiver, while only 2 percent of intact families with a mother and father reported such contact. For female young adults, that figure leapt to 31 percent (while only 3 percent of young women from intact heterosexual families reported this).”

Sheep then simply assumes that the "forced sex" and the "adult caregiver" don't refer to being raped while being bounced between foster homes or while sleeping rough, but to "molestation by a homosexual parent or adoptive parent. EXACTLY as I’ve repeatedly said happens". Ah, yes, because once you KNOW that homosexuals are all paedophile rapists then the evidence just piles up, even where it doesn't exist. Sheep rounds off:

Homosexuality should not be accepted as “normal” or “okay”. It isn’t. Homosexuals are a danger to children. They have a right to live their lives the same as the rest of us, but they do not have the right to be considered the same as the rest of us. They’re different, we know it, they know it.

You know who the biggest danger to children is? Lying swine they encounter on the internet who fill their heads with hatred, that's who.

Let's finish with a link to a piece in Scientific American (now there's a site I wish more children would visit) explaining why even if the Regnerus study were actually scientifically valid it should have zero effect on government policy regarding same-sex parenting.


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