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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Jimmy Wars Episode IV : A New Hope

Blair Supporter (aka Uncle Jimmy) has changed his policy on comments to permit critical ones as well as those filled with fawning agreement. At least, the latter are all that seem to have got through to publication there for a very long time.

Perhaps unwisely I’ve decided to permit ALL comments here unmonitored. This will mean I may have to remove some after they appear. Not too keen on foul language or death threats, for instance.

Well, good for Jimmy. Seriously. I mean, the only comments I delete here are the actually obscene onees, of which I've had only one or two. My spam filter traps hundreds of ads for cheap watches and Viagra, but I try to make sure nothing genuine has been swept up with them. I know I told Jimmy after he banned me that I would allow him to post anything here as long as it made him look ridiculous, and so far the very few things he has submitted seemed to me to fulfil that criterion. Anyway, naturally I posted a comment at once (it would surely have been downright ungrateful not to do so). Just in case Jimmy changes hos mind, here it is (I have converted the references to earlier posts to hyperlinks):

Even though I'm not a hater (hate doesn't come into it: contempt and hysterical laughter usually cover my reaction to those of your posts which don't simply send me to sleep with their tedious hero-worship of you-know-who), how could I resist such an invitation?

Let's pick up with the question I asked which got me banned last time, taking care to avoid any foul language or death threats I might otherwise be tempted to indulge in (:-)). On 13 February 2009 you posted - actually copied and pasted, not just linked - a seriously nasty article (otherwise linked only from Stormfront, the BNP site, as far as a Google search could show) which purports to give "facts" about Islam. You know, like the way Muslims carry out human sacrifice and are exhorted by Islam to rape women and children. I suggested that this article gave the lie to your declaration elsewhere that you weren't seeking a Muslim-free Britain, merely one free from Islamic extremists. OK then, once again I ask: which "moderate" paedophiles and "non-extreme" human sacrificers will you be turning a blind eye to when selecting the Muslims to be expelled? Or if you don't in fact agree with the premises of the article, why is the post containing it linked as a "Top Post" in your sidebar for ease of location?

Don't panic, though, I shan't be back here often While it's nice to see some lip service being paid to freedom of expression on your blog, I shall continue to do most of my commentary on you back at my own place. It affords me more opportunity to compare and contrast your inconsistencies and hypocrisy, and is likely to be seen by more readers than when buried in your comment streams. For example: here.

Update: Jimmy responded to my comment, and I in turn to his:

keeptonyblairforpm Says: June 3, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Oh hi there, my very own stalker! You still breathing… your hate and lies?

I’m not interested in your opinion or your questions, though you are clearly interested in mine.

Of course I could be wrong – unlike yourself I sometimes am – but I doubt that you’ll have TOO many people linking to yours from here. My visitors are generally well-informed, regardless. Nice try anyway.


EineKleineRob Says: June 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm

No hate, no lies (you do both of those so well I couldn’t possibly compete).

I didn’t really expect you to answer the question. After all, if you had an answer that didn’t make you look like hypocrite you’d have answered me the first time instead of banning me.

And I donlt expect too much traffic from your sire either. Your visitors are generally figments of your imagination.

EineKleineRob Says: June 3, 2012 at 5:09 pm

“Sire”? sack that typist….. I meant to type “site”.

And Jimmy's final comment, which presumably means I'm banned again despite all the free speech hypocrisy (dear me):

keeptonyblairforpm Says: June 3, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Bye, sunshine.


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