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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It isn't vile woman-hatred if they really do have breasts

Bonni the BareNakedNazi hits the trifecta in this post. Disrespect for America's armed forces: check. Contempt for women: check. Obvious distaste for the fact that the USA, like Iran, Pakistan and other developed countries (and even Israel!) allows women out of the kitchen to serve under arms at all: check. These "sluts" should clearly be minding their babies at home instead of protecting Bonni's Nazi butt.

And of course any woman who refuses to stay home doing her "Kinder Küche und Kirche" duty gets called a slut by Bonni, however American. Apparently Madonna deserves to be raped because Bonni doesn't approve of her costume. Isn't it the wicked Mooooslims who are supposed to have that attitude?


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