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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Individually and Collectively

A few favourite songs from Richard and Linda Thompson. First, Pavanne, which was written by Linda.

There can be few better lines in any song than "She learned to stab her food with a silver fork".

Then A Heart Needs A Home. I first heard this as a student and it knocked my socks off.

And finally, something of a rarity. From the Sunnyvista album, the one people always forget about:

Of course, Richard and Linda went their separate ways. Here are a few RT solo gems. Cooksferry Queen:

Very possibly the finest song ever written by anyone - Beeswing:

From the sublime to the very funny - My Daddy Is A Mummy:

And let's leave RT's solos with his cover of a Jerry Lee Lewis classic:

I couldn't find a video (or even an audio) clip of Linda singing my favourite of her solo efforts (written jointly with Betsy Cook), but fortunately it was covered by Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris (it appears on the Trio album they made with Dolly Parton)


At 02 June, 2012 08:20, Blogger Phil said...

Have you heard this?


At 02 June, 2012 13:37, Blogger Rob said...

I hadn't: and I wish I still hadn't. Actually I feel about it exactly the way I feel about Bruce Springsteen's own versions of Dancing In The Dark (posted in my review of Fused Edinburgh yesterday). I described Bruce's sledgehammer treatment as reducing a beautiful song to something suitable only for drunken pogoing. Not that the Futureheads' version is for pogoing: it sounds more like a bunch of tanked up football supporters. I don't imagine that was their intention any more than it was Springsteen's, but there you are.


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