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Monday, June 18, 2012


If you're a regular here you'll know how much I enjoy laughing at the utter craziness of BareNakedIslam's Bonni Benstock-Intall. But I'm always happy to let other people do it for me. Here is a great example of Bonni being so desperate to believe any kind of crazy Breivik-like conspiracy theory involving the "Islamization of the West" that she applies no kind of common sense or crap detector to anything she reads and so is hugely vulnerable to taking spoofs as genuine stories. In this case eventually even Bonni heard the gales of laughter and took her post down, but she couldn't do anything about the copy which had been reposted on a fellow-loon's site, nor about the screenshots of her moronic commenters' contributions.

Bonni and her pals are forever ascribing any behaviour from Muslims which they deem to be stupid to "inbreeding". How many generations of sibling marriage must it have taken to breed down to the level of drooling imbecility shown by those commenters?


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