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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Galloping into irrelevance

I was just looking to see whether Bonni Benstock-Intall's head had exploded yet at the thought of an elected President in Egypt instead of the military dictatorship she preferred. The answer is no (at least not yet), but I couldn't resist sharing this post with you for two reasons.

Firstly, because it shows how determinedly she continues to keep on with the absurd lie that President Obama is (or ever was) a Muslim. Apparently the reason that hardly anyone still believes it is because of a media cover-up. Well, that's why nobody believes David Icke's idea that the world is run by giant lizards, after all.

One has to laugh at her spin on the poll result, which showed that over half (58%) of Americans, regardless of party, would vote for a Muslim presidential candidate if one were ever to be on offer. For Bonni, this means "Americans would vote for virtually anyone but a Muslim". Sorry, what? The poll shows unambiguously that most Americans are more interested in a President's policies than his skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion (and thus is genuinely heartening, though presumably not for Bonni). Only Republicans would be less likely to vote for someone because he was a Muslim or an atheist (and any Republican currently planning to vote for Obama in 2012 despite his party is probably bright enough not to be swayed by claims that he is a Muslim or a lizard).

But mostly I enjoyed the fact that in a post where the name of the pollster Gallup appears FOUR TIMES in tables she incorporates into her post, this illiterate moron (who pretends to have a university degree, in Japanese no less!) described it as a "Gallop poll". (Update: a commenter pointed her inability to read English out to her, and she has corrected it. The commenter remarked "Don’t give liberals any reason to try to disregard what our side says." As though the literacy problems of a Holocaust denier were anyone's main issue with the whole Obama-is-a-Muslim hoax.)


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