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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fused Edinburgh

To Stevenson College tonight for the second Fused Edinburgh Acoustic Music Festival. My son was appearing on percussion both early in the evening (accompanying Annette Chapman, who was excellent) and right at the end with the Stevenson College Folk Orchestra (also very good).

The star of the evening in every sense, though, was Ewan McLennan. Ewan was once a student at Stevenson, and is now a rising figure on the folk scene, based in England. And he was especially good: singing, guitar playing, choice of material were all first-class. As Annette Chapman said when introducing him, in future we'll tell people "I saw Ewan McLennan at Fused". She was probably right.

Here is a video of him (from a BBC session) playing the song with which he opened tonight:

Honourable mention too for one of the bands that didn't make it onto the main stage. The Defaults were playing out in the foyer, and their style of country rock was excellent. I was particularly impressed by their cover of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark: I've never had much time for Springsteen myself (except for this one) but I really liked their version. I just went and listed to Bruce's versions again (both studio and live) and he utterly ruins it. For The Defaults it was a moving song with something to say: for Bruce it's something to pogo to when you're pissed.


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