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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A fan of a notorious homophobe comes here to lecture me on gay rights. And he calls ME a moron

This post seems to have been better than most at attracting anonymous ultra-rightwing trolls. Latest in the series is "Anonymous" (duh) who comments:

What a stupid blog. You really are a clueless liberal moron, aren't you? And talking of being gay, guess which religion throws gays from buildings. Islam! Wake up. Also, Bonni is 100% correct on the Trayvon Martin case. Zimmerman is going to be found innocent, then you'll have to go crying to your shrine of Eric Holder and Barry Obama.

Taking Mr Anonymous's points in reverse order, just right now it doesn't look as though Zimmerman is going to be found innocent: repeatedly lying to police and changing your story rarely plays well with juries.

Talking of being gay (which we weren't really - the post was about the legality of firing someone because he had a beard - but let's go with this), which religion throws gays from buildings? Well, Anon, no "religion" throws gays from buildings: people do that. I will freely admit that Islam discourages homosexuality, in some cases with the death penalty (though Islamic countries normally execute gays by hanging or beheading). Eight countries have the death penalty for homosexual conduct, and all are indeed Islamic: Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia (though apparently the Saudis prefer flogging or imprisonment and tend only to execute campaigners for gay rights), Sudan, Yemen, and some regions of Nigeria, Gambia and Somalia.

Now Bonni and her fellow-Nazis are forever talking about the "57 Islamic hell-holes", and 57 sounds a reasonable count of Islamic countries worldwide. So that makes 49 where being gay may well get you beaten or locked up, but certainly won't get you legally executed. So "Islam throws gays from buildings"? Not in Egypt, or Libya, or Morocco, or Pakistan, or Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Tunisia, or Turkey, or Bangladesh, or ...... And same-sex activity is completely legal in Iraq, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories (where it has been legal for much longer than it has in Israel - did you know that? Bonni clearly doesn't.)

Of course, regardless of legal codes, gays get themselves murdered all round the world, and I don't need to go Googling to be pretty sure that every one of the countries I just listed will have had its share of lethal anti-gay hate crimes. But that is a phenomenon which is very far from restricted to the Muslim world. One of the worst places to be gay is Uganda, where much of the anti-gay hatred has been intensified by Christian activists from the USA. Horrific murders of gays happen in Scotland (not Muslim last time I looked outside my front door - though when I got married here in 1979 homosexual acts between men were still illegal). I doubt somehow whether the people who carved swastikas into the body of a murdered gay in overwhelmingly Catholic Chile were motivated by Islamic fervour. The US infantryman who battered Barry Winchell to death in his bed with a baseball bat wasn't a Muslim. Nor was the student who shot Lawrence King in the back in class. Jamaica is not a Muslim country. Nor is Israel.

So what makes me a "clueless liberal moron"? (Oh, and puh-lease: I'm not a "liberal", darling. I'm a socialist - or if you prefer, a Marxist - and proud of it.) That I understand that homosexuality is banned by law in a lot of countries that are not Islamic, and completely legal in some which are? That I know that whether or not it's legal to be gay, if someone hates you for your sexuality they will kill you just as dead as an Iranian hangman, whether you live in Cumnock or Tel Aviv? Anonymous Troll, if it makes you feel better to imagine that gays are only killed in Islamic countries, good luck with that.

Oh, and below are links to just a few of the openly homophobic posts at Bonni Benstock-Intall's Nazi site. You might like to complain about them to her, you being such a supporter of gay rights and all.

Here she equates support for LGBT rights in schools with paedophilia.

Here she says "Gotta side with the Muslims on this one", over the withdrawal by some Muslim and Christian parents in Britain from lessons promoting tolerance of gay and lesbian lifestyles. In case we didn't understand her properly, Bonni adds "Deviant sexual lifestyles should not be taught in school at all. Disgusting."

Here. In a comment Bonni clarifies her delightful views to someone who wondered whether her headline "I guess now that the Obama Regime has legalized sodomy for the troops, it might just as well go all the way in its efforts to win the hearts and minds of the enemy" was maybe a teeny bit homophobic: "Mark, like the USMC, I am opposed to gays in the military. I thought troops were not permitted to have heterosexual sex with each other in the military, so why the special allowance for homosexual sex in the military?" You know, because although straight soldiers can control their urges while they're on duty, gays obviously will spend all their time humping each other.


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