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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Enemies foreign and domestic

Glenn Greenwald's article for salon.com draws attention to two spot-on op-eds in the New York Times earlier this week: one by Misha Glenny on the can of worms (sorry about the pun) opened by the USA's (and indeed Israel's) deployment of cyberweaponry (or if you're not an American politician, and given its indiscriminate nature, cyberterrorism), and one by Jimmy Carter on how the United States under successive presidents has forfeited any right to lecture other countries on human rights. Read Greenwald's piece, and read both the links. The Carter piece in particular nicely shows the difference between a president who received a Nobel Peace Prize for making real contributions to world peace (which have continued snce he left office) and one who received the prize almost as soon as he got the job and clearly took it as a signal that he need make no more efforts regarding peace and freedom, ever.

When you've read those, enjoy Bonni Benstock-Intall's, er, alternative take on the issues. Cyber-terrorism GOOD: human rights BAD. Her sarcastic comments on the Jimmy Carter piece show perfectly the kind of America she and her nigger-bashing survivalist crew want to impose. Torture, secret imprisonment without charge or trial, murder of political opponents, mass extermination of civilians: gosh, doesn't it all sound familiar? The most revealing comment of all is the one she uses to justify the murder of civilians not only in Afghanistan but in countries with which the USA is not at war (Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia), which is that "70% of Afghans and Pakistanis are inbred". Ah yes, that's what it's all about: mass extermination to improve the genetic quality of the remainder.

I used to refer to Bonni as a Nazi with tongue slightly in cheek. Not any more.


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